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I can now reveal the results of the past month's poll. I asked you three questions which will affect not only this series but, future series as well. Well, the votes have now been counted and verified and I can now reveal the results. Before the big reveal though, I'd like to thank the 21 people who voted in the poll. I like to give others a say in the series as I like them to read what they want to read and not what they are forced to read. So, the results....
Question 1: Which story are you most looking forward to?

In 6th place, with 0% of the votes, is.......... Alexa Foster: Mystery Woman.
In 5th place, with 5% of the votes, is.......... Plastic Fantastic.
In 4th place, with 10% of the votes, is.......... Shape-Shifters.
In 3rd place, with 24% of the votes, is.......... TBC (The Conclusion).
In 2nd place, with 29% of the votes, is.......... The Human Robot.
And, in 1st place, with a massive 32% of the votes, is.......... Evolution of the Daleks.

It doesn't surprise me that the Dalek and Cybermen stories came top but, it was a shock to see the Autons so low. I guess, you lot are looking forward to the big finale.

Question 2: Which title do you prefer for the series finale?

In joint 6th place, with 0% of the votes, is......... The Masked Villain, The Doctor's Prize and Alexa's Last Goodbye.
In joint 5th place, with 5% of the votes, is.......... Greetings, Miss Foster and Life or Death.
In joint 3rd place, with 14% of the votes, is........... Operation: Mind Control and Self Destruct.
In 2nd place, with 29% of the votes, is........... The Doctor's Legacy.
And, in 1st place, with a massive 33% of the votes, is........... The Good, The Bad And The TARDIS.

Only 1 vote separated the top two, so it was a very close call indeed.

Question 3: Which classic monster/villain would you like to see a return from?

In joint 11th place, with 0% of the votes, is......... The Krotons, The Mentors, The Silurians, The Silence and The Ood.
In joint 8th place, with 5% of the votes, is.......... The Axons, The Master and The Reapers.
In joint 3rd place, with 9% of the votes, is......... The Sea Devils, Omega, The Weeping Angels, The Rani, The Vashta Nerada and The Flood.
And in joint - yes, JOINT - 1st place, with 15.5% of the votes, is....... The Ice Warriors and The Krillitanes.

So, looks like The Ice Warriors and The Krillitanes will be appearing soon but, you never know.... there could be a few more returns to come too.........

So, there are the results for this month's poll. I have now updated the website with a new poll for you to vote in and have used the Question 2 result to update the stories tab. Thanks for voting guys!

Until next week, Whovians!

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