Hello everyone!

Hope you've had a great 2012 and here's hoping we have an even better 2013 - though with Doctor Who's 50th Anniversary in November and Series 7B on its way, I'm pretty certain it will be.

So, we've finally reached New Year's Eve. Who knew that would happen... Well, everyone except the Mayans probably. Anyway I know I promised this last week but, due to unforeseen events, I've had to postpone it until tonight. Now, it's finally here. After two rewrites, the Prequel has been released. At the moment, you can find Part 1 in the stories section; just click 'Prequel' in the drop down menu.

Part 2 will be released tomorrow. I'll let you know when on the Doctor Who TV website. Enjoy Part 1, have a great night and I'll speak to you in 2013!!!

See you next year!

As I'm sure you well know, Part 1 of the Christmas Prequel was due to be uploaded on Christmas Day. Unfortunately, the app withholding my work has decided to wipe everything and so I have to start from scratch. This means more delays to the series and a small delay to the Prequel.

More inside...

Hello all... and Merry Christmas Eve!

Sorry, I'm a little late with the blog. As it's the holiday season, I've been a bit tied up. However, I have some news to share with you about the Christmas Prequel, Series 1 and my 50th plans...