Hello fellow Whovians!

Just a quick update on how the series is progressing and of course, I have the results of last month's poll.
So as I said last fortnight, Alexa Foster: Mystery Woman is done and dusted and ready to upload. I am now concentrating on the second story of the series, Shape Shifters, which features the return of the Zygons.

So far all is well. I have the skeleton of the story set out, and am now on my way to completing the first chapter. The story is set to be uploaded on Saturday 27th April 2013, four weeks after Alexa Foster: Mystery Woman.

Now, the results of last month's poll. Straight away there was a clear winner for both:

With the 50th anniversary coming up, which monster/villain has been your favourite over the past 50 years?
3rd Place: With 11.1% of the votes, the Weeping Angels took joint third place.
3rd Place: With 11.1% of the votes, The Master came joint third.
2nd Place: With 33.3% of the votes, the Daleks came a surprising second.
1st Place: And with 44.4% of the votes, the Cybermen became victorious as the people's

Another 50th anniversary question, who is your favourite Doctor?
4th Place: With 11.1% of the votes, the Eleventh Doctor came fourth.
2nd Place: With 22.2% of the votes, the Sixth Doctor took joint second place.
2nd Place: 22.2% of the votes, the Second Doctor is second.
1st Place: And with 44.4% of the votes, the Tenth Doctor won the battle to first place.

Once again, thanks to everyone who took the time to vote. The new poll is now live, just the one question this time. Next time I speak to you all will be just before the series starts on 23rd March.

Until then, I'll see you in the very near future!


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