Hello all... and Merry Christmas Eve!

Sorry, I'm a little late with the blog. As it's the holiday season, I've been a bit tied up. However, I have some news to share with you about the Christmas Prequel, Series 1 and my 50th plans...
The Christmas Prequel has been extended. Not pushed back as I first thought but, extended. This means that instead of having the full length Prequel on one day, you will receive in two parts. I can now reveal that Part 1 will uploaded tomorrow as a little Christmas present from me to you, and Part 2 will be released on New Year's Day as a little 'Welcome to 2013!' from me.

Part 1 will end on a cliff-hanger which will then be picked up in Part 2. And it's an exciting one! Part 2 will too have a cliff-hanger ending which will lead into... no, not Part 3... but, the Series 1 Opener Alexa Foster: Mystery Woman.

So, moving on to Series 1, I am sad to say that there has been another delay. My working hours have been extended and I am now working Monday to Friday from 10 'til 4. This means I only have weekends to work on the series. In light of this, the structure of the series has changed a little.

It was expected to begin in January 2013 and each story was to be released every two weeks. Now, the series will be pushed back until February/March (for the moment) and each story will be released monthly. This means the series will finish around July/August.

Series 1 will then be followed by an extra special four-part story (a little nod to the Classic Series) celebrating 50 years of Doctor Who. This will be released weekly throughout November on these exact dates: 2nd, 9th, 16th and 23rd. And believe me, it will be... SPECTACULAR!!!

That's all for now. Keep voting in the poll and I'll speak to you next week!!!


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