Hi guys!

This week, I have some good news and some bad news to share with you. I'm going to start with the bad news as I hope then the good news will soften the blow a bit.

Unfortunately, the series looks like it may have to be pushed back a little as I will have less time to work on it from this week. Tomorrow, I start doing hard labour - something uncommon for me - as I prepare to enter the big bad world of work. I'm not sure on my hours but, it will be at least 2 or 3 days a week meaning I will be left with only 2 or 3 other days to work on the series.

I have also been unable to work on the series this week due to other commitments, so all this adds up to the series being pushed back until maybe February. I am sad to have to deliver this news but, I will continue to work on it as much as I can and hopefully there won't be too long to wait.

Anyway, now to the good news. Today, I have added some exciting new extras to the website. These include: a new slideshow with some new images for the series, a few episode teasers, and an exclusive look at the Christmas prequel. They will appear in the Stories menu with the prequel exclusive in the Prequel menu.

Hope you all enjoy the extras. I'll give another earlier update on Tuesday to confirm my working hours and how the series will be affected. Thanks for visiting the site.

Until next week, Whovians!

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