Hello fellow Whovians!

Just a quick update on how the series is progressing and of course, I have the results of last month's poll.

Hello fellow Whovians!

As promised, a few days late mind, the new teaser poster has been uploaded to the site. It's not much but, as I say, it just a small teaser for the eagerly awaited (I hope) start to the series on Saturday 30th March - holy smokes, that's only 5 weeks away!!!

You can find the link on the Stories page of the site under 'Previews'. The file should be ready and waiting. There are two versions too: one as a Word document, and another as a PDF document. It's up to you which one you choose.

If you can also give your thoughts on the poll, that too would be appreciated. Just a short one this month, with only two questions to answer.

I shall be back with you either this Sunday or the Sunday after (most likely) to give you an update on the series' progression, particularly with Shape Shifters which I am just preparing to start writing up now.

Stay human!

Hello all!

I have some great news for you this fortnight, starting with the progress of the series. Then, I will give you all little something to look forward to.

Hello everyone!

I believe I owe you all some sort of explanation. Last time we spoke - two weeks ago, I believe - I promised some updates to the site. Unfortunately, I haven't had time to complete
this as I have been extremely busy.