As I'm sure you well know, Part 1 of the Christmas Prequel was due to be uploaded on Christmas Day. Unfortunately, the app withholding my work has decided to wipe everything and so I have to start from scratch. This means more delays to the series and a small delay to the Prequel.

More inside...
So, this is what will now happen with the series. The Prequel will still appear in two parts. Part 1 will now be uploaded on New Year's Eve to end the year on a cliff-hanger, while Part 2 will then bring in 2013 with a bang as we reveal what happened next.

The discarding of my work means that the then-80%-finished Alexa Foster: Mystery Woman may be delayed until April (incidentally around the same time Series 7B of Doctor Who will air). I have managed to cut down my hours at work to just three days a week (Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays if you wondering) so that will give me extra time to continue with the series. So, the series may be brought forward to March but, I doubt it will be any earlier than that.

However, I will do little sneak peeks, teasers and other features to keep you entertained until then. Sorry about the constant delays but, with work and stupid apps that don't like to keep hold of my work, I'm afraid I've had no choice.

That's all for now. My next post will probably be on Monday with Part 1 of the Prequel. Until then, stay warm ;)


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