Hello all!

I have some great news for you this fortnight, starting with the progress of the series. Then, I will give you all little something to look forward to.
Firstly, I am pleased to announce that Part 1 of the series, Alexa Foster: Mystery Woman, is finally ready for posting. This means that, as long as my laptop doesn't decide to wipe everything, the first story of Doctor Who: Execution will be live from midday Greenwich Mean Time (that's 12pm UK time) on Saturday 30th March, which will give you all a little more Who before the start of Series 7B in the evening.

This also means I can get cracking with Part 2, the second story of the series, Shape Shifters, which features the return of the ever popular Zygons, which is set to be released on Saturday 27th April.

Now for that special announcement I promised. On Wednesday 20th February (that's this Wednesday), a little teaser poster will be uploaded for the series. This will be posted at 9pm so check out the site that evening for the exciting preview.

After that, I will update you on the series in two weeks' time, Sunday 3rd March, where I will hopefully be completing the first half of the second story.

Also, why not try and check out a few other pages on the site - which have been updated (including a revamped TARDIS interior) and vote in this month's poll - deadline is 1st March 2013.

Stay Whovians!


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